Zooba Mod APK

Zooba Mod APK v4.4.0 (Infinite Crates, Unlocked Everything)

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlocked Everything
  • Infinite Crates
App NameZooba Mod APK
Latest Versionv4.4.0
Latest Update14 Feb 2023
APK Size223 MB
PublisherWildlife Studios
Google PlaystorePlaystore

Game Overview

Zooba is an exciting multiplayer battle royale game that lets you fight against other players in fun and engaging animal-themed battles. The game offers a unique experience as you control different animal characters, each with its abilities and skills. As you progress through the game, you can unlock new characters, upgrade your skills, and unlock new weapons to help you defeat your opponents.

The Zooba game is free, but some in-game items can be purchased with real money. However, a Zooba Mod APK version is also available, a modified version of the game that offers unlimited gems and coins, all characters unlocked, and all skins and weapons unlocked. 

This version is popular among gamers who want to enjoy the game without worrying about in-game purchases or restrictions. In this article, we will discuss Zooba mod apk in detail, including its features, how to download and install it, and some of the benefits and risks associated with using it.

Wildlife Studios developed Zooba in Dublin, Ireland. It has more than 50 Million plus downloads with 4.2 Star Ratings.

Why Should You Play Zooba Mod APK?

One of the most significant advantages of using Zooba Mod APK is that it offers unlimited gems and coins, which you can use to purchase in-game items, unlock characters, and upgrade your skills. This allows you to progress through the game faster and more efficiently without spending real money on in-app purchases.

In addition to unlimited gems and coins, Zooba Mod APK also unlocks all characters, skins, and weapons from the beginning of the game. This means you can try out different characters and weapons without having to spend time unlocking them, and you can use your favourite skins to customise your characters and make them stand out in the game.

Zooba Mod APK

How To Download/Install Zooba Mod APK on Mobile?

          The process of downloading the Mod version of the APK is simple. We made everything easy for our users to enjoy the game. The process of downloading is as easy as ABC. 

Follow the below steps to download Mod APK: 

1. Click on the “Download” Tab below to download the game setup.

2. It may ask for permissions; you need to allow it all. Go to the tab settings, click the option “ Security,” check “Unknown Source”, and enable it

3. Install the Mod without wifi/data if any issue occurs.

4. Open the installer and let it install on your device. 

Now enjoy all free unlimited features and resources. 

How To Download/Install Zooba Mod APK on PC?

It is easy to download the APK on a PC using an emulator. There are no hidden difficulties in installing it. Follow the below steps to download the game from our web page: 

1. Download “BlueStacks” from their official site and install it on your PC.

2. After installing it, now get back to our site and download the setup of the APK. 

3. Now that you have the setup, install it. 

Now enjoy all free unlimited features and resources. 

Important Features of Zooba

Survive in Animal Battles

Zooba is the only Animal Battle-themed game in the market right now. Consider this an animal battle version of Fortnite. All the animals in the game possess different skills. You must master how to choose and use the right animal to win the game. You will be rewarded with the following better territory every time you win.

Right Way and Right Weapons

You need to go the right way in battle and know which weapon is suitable to use against your enemies to win the game. Analyze your enemy, discover their weaknesses, then attack them using your skills. You must not lose your guard. The best part, you will always get rewards after defeating your enemies.

Zooba Mod APK

Online Multiplayer Game

Gen Z gamers don’t play with machines without any emotions and enjoyment. They like to play with their friends, family, and all to get the complete experience. That’s why Zooba has an online multiplayer feature that enables players to play whomever they want in the world and enjoy the game.

Wanna Become a Superstar?

As we know, Zooba is a very rewarding game. They give you fantastic rewards, from defeating an animal to winning the whole. You can become a superstar by having the most wins and rewards in the game. Also, you can share them with friends to get appreciation. 

Character Customization

Characters are significant to stand in the game. You need the best characters to show yourself. That’s why Zooba has this incredible feature that you can use to customize your character as you want it to look. There is a vast collection of different things to use in character customization. 

Visual Effects

Zooba has the most eye-catchy and smooth visual effects while playing the game. You will see fantastic scenery in the game and create beautiful moments with your friends.

Zooba Mod APK

Modified Features of Zooba Mod APK

All Equipment Unlocked

Zooba Mod APK is a battle-themed game, meaning gamers will need a lot of equipment to fight battles and make enemies lose by hand. You usually have to have a lot of money to buy that equipment, but in Zooba Mod APK, everything is free. You will get all equipment unlocked and ready to use for your gameplay. Play a game with same features as Mini Militia Mod APK.

Unlimited Gems

Zooba has crates in large quantities in the game. You will have to wait to let the crates open for you and get what it has inside of them. With Zooba Mod APK, you have unlimited gems, which you can skip the wait time by using your gems and get unlimited gifts inside it. Play a game with having unlimited gems such as Stumble Guys Mod APK.

Zooba Mod APK

Unlocked Characters

Characters are essential in the game; no questions asked! You need these characters to look good in the game; that is why Zooba Mod APK has provided gamers with unlocked characters. Choose whichever character you like and have fun fighting.

Infinite Creates

Zooba has this unique feature, “Crates”, which allows gamers to upgrade their characters with more unique skills and great power. These crates are limited in the original version, but in Zooba Mod APK, we have provided gamers with unlimited crates to open and get unique abilities to fight enemies.

System Requirements

The minimum mobile requirements to play Mod APK are:

Operating SystemAndroid 4.4 or higher/ Windows 8 or higher
RAM2 GB or more
ProcessorCore i3 or more
Space400 MB (Mobile)/ 5 GB PC

User Reviews

Awesome game! The character designs are cute. The gameplay is fun because once the weapons you find run out of ammo, all you gotta do is just wait while in other games. You have to find one.This game is the best,I’ll never hate it.Also, can you give the characters a losing animation? Because it would be funny if they have a losing animation.

I love it!!!! I just have a few suggestions. I as a 10 year old kid, have some things that could make the game even more awesome! So one of them is to add a first person mode or something like a camera angle changing button. Another is to add more weapons, I personally like the selection of weapons already but some players would like for you to add more. Also maybe the ability to buy more crate slots, because those things fill up FAST. That is all I have for now, and I can help you with ideas.


Ultimately, it is one of the best animal battle games I’ve ever played. It is a safe and secure game to download on any device. We have tried and tested it on all of our devices. It has everything unlocked, unlimited gems and unlimited money to enjoy the game. But I must say this game is addictive. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Zooba Offline?

Unfortunately, You can’t play Zooba offline as it is an online multiplayer game. 

Is Installing Zooba Mod APK safe for our devices?

Zooba Mod APK is a safe and secure downloadable game on any device. We have tried and tested it on all of our devices.

Which are the Most Important Features I will get installing Zooba Mod APK?

Zooba Mod APK has everything unlocked, unlimited gems and money to enjoy the game. But I must say this game is addictive.

Is Zooba Mod APK free?

Yes, Of course. Zooba Mod APK is completely free to download and install on your device. You don’t have to pay a penny to play the game.

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