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Mafia City Mod APK v1.6.660 (Unlimited Gold/Coins, No Ads)

  • Unlimited Gold/Coins
  • Unlocked Everything
  • NO Ads
App NameMafia City Mod APK
Latest Versionv1.6.660
Latest Update19 Jan 2023
APK SizeGear Games
Publisher139 MB
Google PlaystorePlaystore


Mafia City is a strategic game that falls under the category of multiplayer. It is a strong-hearted game that needs courage and patience to play because you will be creating your gang, and if you are wise and brutal enough, you will eventually rule the criminal world. From a thug to a crime lord, it’s a massive journey, but you will have to create a gang, get weapons of every kind, recruit every type of person along with you, and may have to scare the hell out of business owners to get protection money.

Of course, it’s not just a game; it’s a journey, so you must be very careful and have a vision of the well-being of your gang. Don’t make any fast decisions that can destroy your whole work. Now let’s dive down into the features of Mafia City Mod APK, and then further you can download it.

About The Game

Mafia City is about establishing a super city by constructing Mafia buildings under the supervision of a leader and that is You. It is achieved by providing training to your gang members, investing on resources to be utilized, and robbing others money to strengthen the gang.

The VIP option in Mafia City enhances the interest and charm of the game. As the player increases its VIP level, ultimately it increases its benefits. Players get resource income, faster building time, Attack Street Force Bonus, Crew Attack bonus, and recovery speed of energy.

The Chinese company “Yotta Games” is the developer and publisher of the game. The best thing about this game is that it is suitable for both iOS and android.

Mafia City Mod APK

Why Should You Play Mafia City?

                   We have played dozens of gangster life games, but Mafia City is exceptional. Every builder of a game or creator of any mafia movie always gives a romantic touch to the story, and then this girl ends up being the reason for the hero’s death. But Mafia City is different from them. It is a straightforward game about forming a gang and becoming the criminal lord of the city. That doesn’t mean the game has no girls, it has, but you can only get them by finding glasses with diamonds. This is exceptional. 

Unlike other games, you will not have the luxury of endless lives and energy bars. If you get shot and die, then you are dead for good. So be careful and make decisions with precision.

Mafia City Mod APK is now one of the finest strategy games with high graphics and gameplay. Fighting with your gang to get rid of the enemy, getting every type of ammo, and making buildings is what you’ll get in the game. So have at it!

How to Download Mafia City Mod APK?

            Downloading and installing this game is very easy. There are no hidden difficulties in installing it. Let us tell you through steps: 

1. Download your game setup from the download button below.

2. It may ask for permissions, so allow it all. Go to the settings, click “ Security,” and enable “Unknown Source.” 

3. Install the Mod without using wifi/data if any issue happens.

4. Open the installer and let it install on your device. 

Now enjoy all free unlimited features and resources. 

How To Download/Install Mafia City Mod APK on PC?

It is quite an easy task to download the APK on PC using an emulator. There are no hidden difficulties in installing it. Follow the below steps to download the game from our web page: 

1. Download “BlueStacks” from their official site and install it on your PC.

2. After installing it, now get back to our site and download the setup of required APK. 

3. Now that you have the setup, go ahead and install it. 

Now enjoy all free unlimited features and resources. 

Key Features of Mafia City 

Recruit Team Members

                                Mafia City is a game of clans in which you build teams to rule the city. You can’t be a Mafia Don without loyal team members. In this Mod, you can recruit any member you like and build a big team of mobsters who will help you take down enemies and rule over cities. 

Choose from different Clans

                       Mafia City game has 4 clans. You get to choose from these clans when you start the game. All of them are cool but with different specialties. 

Hooligans: This clan holds control of city roads. They have cool bikes with solid engines. They don’t allow outsiders and can go anywhere in minutes because of their bikes and strong knowledge of roads. 

Cutthroat: These guys are considered the most exciting clan in the game. Fearless eyes with pistols in their pockets, a typical cutthroat look. You will always find them in dark showdowns. 

The brutal motorcyclist who loves to rob honest people. They can deal with the enemy. Joining Night Wolves is the way to get into the gang.

This gang is famous for producing serial Killers. Use them to get your dirty work done.

Mafia City Mod APK

Beautiful 3D Graphics Sounds

                      A game without graphics is nothing, no matter how cool it is. Mafia City Mod APK has the most incredible graphics you can see while playing.

Simple and Straightforward gameplay

                                  Games with these features and strategies are complicated and tough to play. But it’s different with Mafia City Mod APK. It has straightforward gameplay. Indeed it’s always hard because it takes guts to lead a whole clan, but unlike other games, it’s easy. 

Get Bonuses with cool beautiful Girls

                                            Everyone likes rewards; that’s the reason we play. So in this game, you can get beautiful girls to hang out with. You need to pick the right glasses which have diamonds underneath. 

VIP Player

                 This feature gives the player a chance to avail the premium resources instantly without spending much time. They can enhance development of the city by processing at a faster pace

Key Features of Mafia City Mod APK

Free From Ads

                    Ads which are coming in front of the screen while playing a game disturbs a lot and player gets irritated from ads during his game. The best thing is that the Mod APK version of Mafia city offers you no ads. You can enjoy your game without any distraction.

Unlimited Gold and Money

                       In the game, you’ll create a gang and have to buy weapons of every kind. For that, you, of course, need a lot of gems and money. So in Mafia City Mod APK, there is no shortage of that. Buy everything you like and rock! You can play another game with same features as unlimited money by the name of Castle Crush Mod APK.

Mafia City Mod APK

Unlocked Everything

                       From gold to levels, everything is unlocked here. You can play whichever level you want. There is no stopping. Play Castle Clash Mod APK with same feature of having everything unlocked.

System Requirements

OSWindows 7
CPUIntel Core i7-610
Graphics CardGraphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
Video Memory1 GB

Pros & Cons

Mafia City is a Strategy gameYour device should be specific for perfect gaming experience as it may be non-functional on certain devices.
Single-player OR MultiplayerA player has to invest money in order to unlock exclusive features and powers
RPG mechanism where a player can control the actionsExcessive usage of high resolution games can affect eyesight
Real-time 3D graphics


          Our team has played this game for hours and tried all the above mentioned features. We have never played a strategic game like Mafia City Mod APK with these crazy features. It is very much safe for your device. There will be no harm to your mobile. After getting into the game, you will immediately get all the money and gold, and all the features will be activated. You can use this money to buy anything you like and recruit personnel for your gang. There are more than 100 Million downloads of this game, and it now has a 4.4/ 5 rating based on millions of reviews. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mafia City Mod APK safe for my device?

Our team has played this game for hours and tried all the above mentioned features. It is very much safe for your device. There will be no harm to your mobile.

Is Mafia City Mod APK an online game? 

Gladly No! You can play Mafia City Mod APK with or without the internet. You will get all the features and unlimited resources whether you have internet or not. 

Can I play Mafia City Mod APK on PC?

Yes, you can play the game on your computer, but you will have to install Blue stack on your PC then you can play the game in Blue stack. 

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