Guns of Glory

Guns of Glory Mod APK v8.11.200 (Unlimited Resources, Clip Range x100)

  • Unlimited Resources
  • Unlimited Clip Range
  • Many More
App NameGuns of Glory Mod APK
Latest Versionv8.11.200
Latest Update10 Feb 2023
APK Size608 MB
PublisherFunPlus International
Google PlaystorePlaystore

Game Overview

               Guns of Glory is a strategic game based on a theme where you develop a mainland after saving the main characters from The Cardinal. You can play this game on both Android and iOS. Play Guns of Glory Mod APK to experience a world where you have to see battles every time and will have to fight enemies with your sharp mind and strong army.

In the game, you will create your army with the help of your generals and commanders. Then use this army to cast out evil forces from your kingdom. You will go on quests with your army to get gold and wood from every corner and fight enemies along the way. 

The famous developers developed guns of Glory from Switzerland of FunPlus International. It has more than 50 Million downloads with a 4.3 average rating on Google Play Store. 

Why Should You Play Guns of Glory Mod APK?

Cowboys games are in huge demand, but in Guns of Glory, you will go back to the time of the middle ages, where you’ll enjoy knights, mages, and dwarfs. You will protect villagers from hazards and save people from significant losses. 

You will have control of three main characters of the games: the Knight Smirf, the Dwarf Arlon, and the Fairy Eloa. They will use different strengths, powers, and weaknesses to fight the battle and save people and villages. 

In the Guns of Glory Mod APK, you will have unlimited money, coins, and diamonds to buy everything in the game. You will also have an Unlimited Clip/ Clip Range which will be 100 times more than the actual. You will enjoy this game very much. 

Guns of Glory Mod APK

How To Download/Install Guns of Glory Mod APK on Mobile?

          The process of downloading the Mod version of the APK is simple. We made everything easy for our users to enjoy the game. The method of downloading is as easy as ABC. 

Follow the below steps to download Mod APK: 

1. Click on the “Download” Tab below to download the game setup.

2. It may ask for permissions; you need to allow it all. Go to the tab settings, click the option “ Security,” check “Unknown Source,” and enable it

3. Install the Mod without wifi/data if any issue occurs.

4. Open the installer and let it install on your device. 

Now enjoy all free unlimited features and resources. 

How To Download/Install Guns of Glory Mod APK on PC?

It is easy to download the APK on a PC using an emulator. There are no hidden difficulties in installing it. Follow the below steps to download the game from our web page: 

1. Download “BlueStacks” from their official site and install it on your PC.

2. After installing it, now get back to our site and download the setup of the APK. 

3. Now that you have the setup, install it. 

Now enjoy all free unlimited features and resources. 

Guns of Glory Game Features

Diversified Gaming Experience

                   In Guns of Glory Mod APK, you get diversified gaming modes to choose from, and every time you win, you get different rewards that you will use to upgrade your weapons and other resources. These modes include PvP or battle with AI to complete required missions. Play another PvP game which is Random Dice Mod APK.

Massive Adventure Game

        As I said, you will command an army to fight and complete missions. This means you will go to different parts of the game and fight exciting battles with your time. This will become a great adventure for you to experience. 

Gaming Conditions You’ll Love

                Guns of Glory Mod APK is straightforward to play and beginner friendly. This means you will explore everything in the game without facing many problems and in a sophisticated production environment. 

Battle All-Around

            This game is a jackpot for gamers who love battles. You will have to fight many battles in it to get rewards to upgrade your weapons and resources. This will be a fantastic experience for you.  

Lookout for Opportunities

               This is a battle-themed game, so you need resources to win against your enemies. You will always have to send your armies to different locations to win the resources and get them back to you. 

You always have to keep your eyes open for the right opportunities. For example, look for new estates; they have inexperienced players, so they usually need to be more careful about their armory. This is a golden opportunity for you because, as an experienced player, you can easily fight them and take what they have for you.

Make Alliances

               In games like these, it’s hard to become the best on your own. It would be best if you had better alliances to become a force that will never be easy for anyone to beat. Partnerships give you power which means in times of danger, your teammates will always be there for you and help you to succeed. 

Guns of Glory Mod APK

Special Events

           Guns of Glory has unlimited events going on every time. You can participate in these events to win different resources for your team. Additionally, you will get more rewards every time you win something in an event or any battle outside. 

Train Your Army

       Armies are always the core point of any battle game. You can’t win battles on your own. You always need thousands, if not hundreds, of people with you to fight for you on your mark. For that, you will have to train them first and have to teach them every dynamic of the war. 

Graphics and Sound

       Like all the games with the same theme, this game also has some remarkable graphics and sound qualities to enjoy. You will have the essence of premium games while playing this game.

Modified Features of Guns of Glory Mod APK

Unlimited Gold

     As I said before, you need an army and resources to win the battles in the game. For that, you need gold to buy them. Guns of Glory Mod APK provides unlimited gold to purchase anything you want. Play a game with same feature named Stumble Guys Mod APK.

Unlimited Resources

       Guns of Glory Mod APK has all the resources unlimited for you. This means you can get whatever you want free of cost and can enjoy games without any problems.

No Distractions

          You will see no distractions while playing the game, as everything is unlimited.

Free to Play

             The Modified version of the game is entirely free for you to download and play. So feel free to download and play at your ease.

Unlimited Clip/ Clip Range

                  Unlike the original version of this game, Guns of Glory Mod APK has the Unlimited Clip Range for you. This means you have unlimited ammo to use while fighting a battle. There will be no problem with weapons. 

Guns of Glory Mod APK

System Requirements

The minimum mobile requirements to play Guns of Glory Mod APK are:

Operating SystemAndroid 4.4 or higher/ Windows 8 or higher
RAM2 GB or more
ProcessorCore i3 or more
Space400 MB (Mobile)/ 5 GB PC

User Reviews

“I like the game overall, for me, there are a few things than can be improved. I don’t mind being defeated in a attack but when there are no limits to how many times you can be attacked in a row, it’s a little disheartening when one person or clan attack you 70 times in a row and you have to replenish all your resources over and over. There is an lot of clutter in the screen, I did noticed that the last update cleared some room. I like playing the game.”

“Refreshing to play a game without ads. Build up your fortress and troops to gain rewards. There are so many game modes and quests that I’m sure I haven’t scratched the surface. That is the downfall too. So many things to do and the interface can be too busy at times. Overall I find it to be an enjoyable distraction, just not something that fully engrosses me.”


            In the end, I will conclude this game by saying that this has been a hell of a ride playing this game. If you want a game where you command the 3 most powerful characters to fight the battle and save people, along with winning different things by playing, then this is an excellent game for you. 

We have tried and tested the Mod Version many times on all of our devices, this is 100% secure for your device, and you will enjoy playing it a lot. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much Army should I have in Guns of Glory?

You should have twice more infantry as your rivals because if you don’t have this, you will lose your place in the game.

Is Guns of Glory Mod APK safe for our devices?

We have tried and tested the Guns of Glory Mod APK many times on all of our devices, this is 100% secure for your device, and you will enjoy playing it a lot. 

How to delete the Guns of Glory Account?

Unfortunately, you can’t delete it on your own. You have to contact support to ask them to delete your account, and they will start the process for you. Keep in mind that account deletion is permanent. 

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